Longridge Golf Club

Buggy Route

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Always follow the buggy route in the hand book provided to reduce possibility of severe injury or death resulting in loss of vehicle control, the following warnings must be observed:

  • When driving vehicle, consider the terrain, traffic conditions and the enviromental factors which affect the terrain and the ability to control the vehicle.
  • Follow warning signs/ buggy direction signs.
  • Use extra care and reduced speed when driving on poor surfaces such as loose dirt, wet grass or gravel, etc.
  • Stay in designated areas and avoid extremely rough terrain.
  • Maintain a safe speed when driving down hill. Use service break to reduce speed when travelling down incline, a sudden stop or change in direction may result in loss of control.
  • Slow down before and during turns, all turns should be made at a reduced speed.
  • Never drive up or down or across an incline that 14 degrees (25% grade)


  • You have to be over 17 years old - not disqualified from driving and fully conservant with use of buggies.
  • Read and observe all warnings, road signs and operation instruction affixed to this vehicle.
  • Use the vehicle in a responsible manner.
  • Follow all safety rules in the area where the vehicle is being operated.
  • Leave the vehicle when there is risk of lightning.
  • Reduce speed to compensate for poor terrain or conditions.
  • Apply service brake to control speed on steep variants.
  • Maintain adequate distance between vehicles.
  • Always have the engine ticking over do not over free wheel.
  • Reduce speed in wet areas.
  • Use extreme caution when approaching sharp or blind turns.
  • Use extreme caution when  driving over loose terrain.
  • Use extreme caution in areas where pedestrians are present.
  • The hirer is personally responsible of all costs claims arising out of.
  • Damage caused to the golf car, a third party, any properties or for any injury sustained by their hirer.
  • Club will not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage sustained or caused by driver during period of hire

Click here for full buggy route

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